Tips for choosing an assisted living facility

by Garden of Palms

Tips for choosing an assisted living facility

One of the most important choices you and your elderly loved one will make, is finding the right assisted living facility to fit their needs and desires. Here are some important things to look for when visiting a potential new residence for you or your loved one.

Tips for choosing an assisted living facility

Observe the Staff

The warmth and kindness of the staff are critical. Watch how they interact with residents.  Do they seem to be invested? Make sure you have a chance to meet the people who will likely be spending time with your loved one. Be sure you have confidence in the staff who will be caring for them.

Visit During an Activity

When scheduling your tour, ask a staff member if you or your loved one can sit in, or even participate in an activity.  Do the residents and staff appear to be enjoying themselves? Are there a variety of events scheduled?

Spend Some Time Outside

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a nice, warm afternoon in the sun? While visiting, make sure to consider the safety and security of the outdoor areas that are available to residents.

Eat a Meal in the Dining Room

Schedule your visit to include lunch. This is a great way to taste the food, and it also opens an opportunity to meet the  residents. Make sure to discuss entree choices and dining hours with a staff member.

Ask Safety Questions

The feeling of security is essential for seniors. Make sure that bathrooms are available with grab bars in handy positions. Find out how residents access staff if they have an emergency in their living area. Make sure to ask specific questions about any medical needs that must be met.

Follow Your Instincts

While visiting, envision yourself or your loved one living at the community. Do you imagine being comfortable? Do you feel safe?  Are the staff and residents engaging and welcoming?  Remember to trust your instincts!