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Aerobics helps mild cognitive impairment

by Garden of Palms

Issues affecting seniors such as memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, alzheimer’s, and dementia are a problem for millions of Americans. Despite years of research, the effort to develop drugs to slow or reverse these conditions have been mostly ineffective. Memory loss experts are excited that new research has shown normal aerobic activity can reduce the presence of certain organic molecules in the brain which contribute to these memory loss issues.

The positive effect on memory loss from aerobic exercise is thought to occur as a result of increased blood flow to memory related areas of the brain. Of course, aerobics and general exercise is widely recognized to produce numerous positive results both physical and mental, but this is the first time aerobics has been specifically observed to reduce the organic compounds thought to be responsive for mild cognitive impairment (a condition often preceding alzheimer’s disease). No medication would be known to have the same quick effects as aerobics, which can reduce this compounds within a few months with regular aerobic exercise. There are researchers who argue that medications are not completely ineffective, and that if the memory loss process could intervened early on then medications could be more effective.

Garden of Palms has a comprehensive memory care program in place, and our physical education classes work with our memory care curriculum to help slow down the onset of mild cognitive impairment. Our physical education program keeps seniors active and energized. We run a new class each day of the week, and our residents enjoy Zumba gold, tai chi, chair aerobics, balance, cardio, and stretching workouts. Tai Chi is slower and only focuses on breathing exercises and brings good blood flow, helping with the energy. Tai Chi is designed to stimulates the mind, and therefore may help with mind and memory related conditions. Our residents finish Tai Chi feeling focused and relaxed with more energy.


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