Assisted Living Facilities: What Senior Citizens Need

by Garden of Palms

Assisted Living Facilities: What Senior Citizens Need

Senior citizens would often need special care and assistance which they can’t totally receive under optimal circumstances when they just continue to stay at home. According to recent studies, 7 out of 10 Americans, who are 65 years old and above need long-term care, and 55% of them didn’t think about acquiring a long-term care plan beforehand. If you belong to the population who sees the value of an assisted living community, then you’re never wrong. Assisted living facilities specialize in senior care and know how to address all of their residents’ needs. Los Angeles is expected to add close to 1,000,000 senior citizens to its population over the next 10 years. The need for quality assisted living is going to be higher than ever.

If you happen to have an aged loved one who wants to live in an assisted living community, you shouldn't allow him to pick just any facility. You have to make sure that the chosen space fits her or his medical needs and lifestyle. Here are a few things that you should be keeping an eye on:


First of all, you must know if the facility is safe for your loved one. Interview the facility managers about the place and have a tour around. Check the foundations, fire exits, extinguishers, etc. to make sure that the place is secure.

Good Equipment and Amenities

This is another thing that seniors need-- good equipment and amenities. They need good basic amenities like comfortable toilet bowls, beds, lights, chairs, and tables - all specially designed for that age group. They also need good medical equipment for their medical needs. Depending on the specific medical condition of your patient, find a facility that has the right medical equipment and assistance.

A Good Living Environment

A good living environment means that the place allows for social interaction and an active lifestyle- both of which are important for healthy senior living. First off, seniors who participate in physical activities are reported to have longer lives and lower chances of several diseases. Also, the Harvard School of Public Health states that seniors who are socially active are less likely to have memory loss problems. So, when choosing a facility, make sure the place takes care of the physical and social needs of the elders. They will be thanking you for that soon enough.

Specialized Solutions

It is best to find a facility that has specialized solutions for residents with specific needs and wants. If your loved one has a specific diet, health program, or any activity that he or she wants to follow, choose a facility that covers that. For example, Garden of Palms, an assisted living facility in Los Angeles, provides specialized treatment for Jewish elders, like Kosher meals and access to Jewish religious activities. Likewise, if your relative is a Christian, find a facility that has a prayer room or a Christian chapel. Identify the need that best suits your family member, and find a facility that specializes in this.

Efficient Staff and Doctors

Last but not least, you must look for a facility that has a line of the best and most qualified doctors, nurses and assistants. You want your loved ones to feel cared after, so you have to make sure that the ones attending to them are all friendly, efficient and can provide the best medical assistance around the clock. When you inquire about the facilities, make sure you also get referrals on the credentials and qualifications of all the staff. This would help you have more peace of mind in the long run.

These are the essential elements that you should be considering when choosing the best assisted living facility for your beloved family member. Take your time, do proper research and prove to them how much you care about them and their well being - nothing will make them happier.

Garden of Palms in Los Angeles provides assisted living and memory care services in a gentle and enjoyable environment. Please contact us for more information about our assisted living facility and to schedule a tour or request a brochure.