Tai Chi Might Be the Key To A Youthful Old Age

by Garden of Palms

Tai Chi Might Be the Key To A Youthful Old Age

Tai chi is a gentle form of exercise that is often described as meditation in motion. It requires mind and body coordination with the goal to maintain one’s balance, flexibility, and strength. It is also known for successfully treating and preventing several health problems. But its benefits do not end there.

In Stuart Alve Olson’s book entitled “T'ai Chi According to the I Ching”, he declared that Tai Chi has long been aimed at seeking the answer to being youthful in old age. It may sound confusing, but if you examine the principles behind the Chinese martial art, you will be able to understand it more clearly.

Tai Chi to Aid in Health-related Problems

Tai chi chuan, the martial arts’ full name, is a series of movements that is done with rhythmical breathing. It revolves around the concept that the unhealthy individual will be uncomfortable in reaching a state of calmness and that to achieve longevity; one has to get rid of all the stress in the mind and body. Its principles are almost similar to that of yoga.

Peter M. Wayne, an assistant medicine professor at Harvard Medical School, has stated that several carefully conducted researches on Tai Chi have reached a similar result with regards to its medical implications. It is advised that this exercise be treated as an adjunct treatment to those suffering from muscle pain and other ailments that come with old age.

The Growing Popularity of Tai Chi in Assisted Living Homes

Walking and golfing has been the leading forms of exercise for the current generation of 55+ individuals in the United States. Recently, there’s been a shift to other activities rooted in aerobics, balance, and stretching. Active assisted living communities in Los Angeles, including Garden of Palms, are engaging in Tai Chi.

Experts have greatly recommended Tai Chi to residents in assisted living. With its balance training, it will help seniors avoid falling, and with its meditative exercise it will relieve stress and improve their psychological health. All these benefits have proven that it is not exactly surprising how this form of martial arts has easily become a favorite among seniors.

At Garden of Palms assisted living in Los Angeles, Tai Chi is a fun and effective activity in our wellness program which is designed to aid the physical and mental health of our residents. If you wish to inquire about their other activities, please see our Wellness Program, Contact Us, or Request a Brochure.