2017 Trends For Assisted Living Facilities

by Garden of Palms

2017 Trends For Assisted Living Facilities

During the 1920s and 1930s, when most of our grandparents were born, the average life expectancy was about 70 years of age. Today, with advances in science and medicine, that number has increased to about 85 years of age. This change coincided with the baby Boomer generation, and as a result, it has been recorded that there are more people over the age of 70 in the US than at any other time in history. Despite advances in technology and medicine, age still causes physical and mental limitations for some people. And as a result of an ever-growing population of older people, there has been an increase in the number of assisted living facilities. If you or a loved one is considering this transition into an assisted living facility, here are some of the current trends you should be expecting.

In 2017, the trend for assisted living facilities is to create very "like home" communities.

A More Stunning Environment

Based on the greater affluence the new generation of boomers grew up with, as regards household convenience and decoration, most assisted living homes have integrated this. Resulting in a more attractive environment for their comfort and admiration. Unfortunately, not all assisted living facilities in Los Angeles fit this description, but at Garden of Palms our brand of senior living is defined by creating an atmosphere that falls somewhere in between living in the comfort of your own home, and staying in the comfort of a fine hotel or resort. We understand nothing can replace your home and the memories you created there, but we can bring your favorite elements from your home, and add in great new things your family didn’t have at home, like a fun community, the best food prepared by great chefs, and great amenities.

The best assisted living facilities are updated to create resort like atmospheres.

Attention is Given to Memory Care

According to research, modifying the environment can increase the safety and comfort while decreasing agitation. Measures have been taken in designing the living areas in styles from the 1950s and 1960s, which immerse seniors in the familiar world of their youth. Of course we update themes like mid-century modern to create very tasteful decor. Using sound, sight, and even smell to help dementia residents retrieve long-term memories as part of the reminiscence therapy.

As this continues to improve the cognitive function for some of the seniors, while research continues, most assisted living communities have started utilizing this medium to enhance the wellbeing of residents at different levels.

Continuing Education For Seniors

One of the growing trends is the number of retirement communities who are giving seniors the opportunity to return to campus and flex their intellectual muscles. Most University-linked retirement communities now offer lifelong learning programs to its residents through local colleges or universities, which sometimes involve taking college classes and engaging in fitness programs.

Integrated Use of Technology

Increasingly, the Boomers are integrating technology into their daily lives, and with the latest improvements made in tablets and other smartphones, they are becoming one of the fastest-growing demographics on social media. As a result, assisted living communities are incorporating Wi-Fi throughout and USB connections into Millwork, as well as creating a keyless room entry. Other technologies available include senior-friendly phones and tablet with larger displays for those who experience poor vision or remote controls for lights, thermostats, windows, and doors.

Community Interaction

One of the characteristics that reflect the diversity of baby boomers is the fact that they are active adults and have an enormous need for community interaction. These needs include volunteer programs, college campuses, and remaining active in the larger community, hence maintaining outside ties are important.

Gone are those days of isolated assisted living communities. The baby boomers demands:

  1. Senior center and activity programs
  2. Community center with a library
  3. Clinical and physician services
  4. Conveniences like banks and post offices
  5. Entertainment - restaurants, theaters, shopping
  6. Conference and educational centers for lifelong learning

Keep in mind, these are updates that some assisted living or senior living communities are implementing to make their communities as comfortable, enjoyable, and fun as possible for their residents. These advances and updates aren't necessarily possible for all senior homes to put in place, and as a result, not every assisted living program will fit the trends described in this article. Garden of Palms was designed from the ground up with most of these trends in place, and the core of our senior care program is to provide a unique senior living experience in Los Angeles that creates an atmosphere that falls between the comfort of home, the community of a small village, and the amenities of a fine resort. We're a fantastic assisted living solution in Los Angeles and we kindly encourage you to schedule a tour or request a brochure for more information.