The best modern assisted living provides great comfort and care

by Garden of Palms

The best modern assisted living provides great comfort and care

In the past, assisted living facilities and nursing homes didn’t always provide the high level of care and comfort that the best communities in Los Angeles like Garden of Palms provide. A stigma may exist in the minds of people whose perceptions of assisted living is a sterile and uninspired facility that is more like a medical facility than a private residence. Forward thinking assisted living communities have invested considerable amounts of time and money creating environments that are even more comfortable than home. Of course, anybody considering a senior living community needs to take time to explore the options to find a community with a high level of care and comfort, but the point is that care and comfort is now a reality in senior care.

Garden of Palms is designed to recreate the comforts of home, and this idea is continued throughout every aspect of the facility. Resident's private living spaces are comfortable, attractive, and are areas that residents genuinely enjoy living in. The quality of food is extremely high, everything is professionally prepared, and is what you would expect from a high-end restaurant, hotel, or catering experience. It’s a common concern of families considering placing a loved one in an assisted living facility that their new home will be less enjoyable and less comfortable than what they’re used to. If a person is living alone, having trouble preparing meals, not eating well, not able to keep up with housework, et al, then their quality of life is not what it should be. A modern, quality and comfort focused assisted living community solves all of this person’s problems and increases the quality of their life.

The best modern assisted living services exceed the quality and comfort of home.

If a family member is having trouble caring for themselves, the question shouldn’t be whether assisted living is a good solution, but rather which assisted living community will provide comfort, care, and happiness.

Garden of Palms offers your loved one highly trained day and night care from medical professionals and warm care providers in a home-like setting different from the old image of nursing homes.


Social Interaction is Important for Seniors

While many seniors will resist moving to more supervised care, they can live longer, more enjoyable lives with more social opportunities and stimulation with friends in their age group. Recent studies have shown a 26% higher likelihood of death for people over 50 living an isolated life. Part of this equation is engagement with other people in activities and social settings, but the other is that those who have social interactions don’t miss on the caretaking they need. As you look at facilities, one thing to consider is the level of engagement opportunities for members.

Check for an Abundance of Social Gatherings

One sure sign of a facility’s vibrance is well-attended events your loved one would be interested in attending. You should be able to look at the activity offerings and see variety. Garden of Palms offers performances, dancing, bingo and board game events, magic shows, and outings are all opportunities for your loved one to get involved and build connections. Just seeing a large list isn’t enough, touring a facility and experiencing an activity where you witness the engagement is essential.

Provide Stimulating Religious Connection

If your loved one is religious, they should have a well-attended place to gather and practice their faith within an assisted living community. Your loved one’s connection with their faith is vital to making them feel comfortable with senior living in Los Angeles County. Our facility offers Shabbat services, and thoughtful discussions so Judaic learning stimulates your loved one and continues their connection to God and a deeper understanding of the world around them through discussion with others.


Meals Should Offer Dinner Conversation as Vibrant as the Food

We all gather around the table to share in communal eating and enjoyment. It’s easy to see the difference between a lively facility and a drab one. A warm and energized community for senior living in Los Angeles County will present brightly-colored, appealing meals full of flavor with presentation that impresses your loved one. Bland offerings in the beige and white tones are a sign of poor quality ingredients that won’t nourish your loved one. The decor and tone of the dining room itself should feel like a welcoming space with natural light and comfortable seating.


Visit Us To See The Comfort and Community We Create

Garden of Palms is Jewish Senior Living Center that provides a plethora of opportunities for engagement and nourishing, flavorful meals that will help you and your family member rethink your ideas about assisted living. Call us today at 424-239-5051 to visit our bright and cheerful community.