Assisted Living in Los Angeles with Kosher Meals

by Garden of Palms

Assisted Living in Los Angeles with Healthy Meals

Quality food and pleasant dining services are one of the most important aspects of any assisted living program. As we age, we aren’t able to engage in the same level of physical activity that we enjoyed in our ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, but a great meal is a simple pleasure that we can enjoy at any age. Of course, a high quality, healthy diet is extremely important for maintaining our health and plays a large role in how well we age.

If you’re searching for assisted living communities in Los Angeles for yourself or for a family member, the quality of dining services is an important feature to consider. Healthy meals provide vitality and genuinely increase a person’s happiness and well being.

The intersection of Jewish culture and the family table is nearly inseparable, and it can be hard to find these offerings at other facilities assisted living communities throughout Southern California. You may have memories of challah, kugel, and matzo ball soup shared between generations around the dining room table. From Passover to everyday eating, these foods form connection and memory for us. It makes a huge difference in the lives of our community at Garden of Palms to have access to healthy and still tasty versions of our favorite foods.

 Nutrition and Kosher meals in senior living communities

Our seniors deserve access to healthy foods

When your loved one needs extra care, Garden of Palms helps by providing professional, caring staff in a charming atmosphere. We are a Jewish senior living center offering homelike accommodations with assisted living services in Hollywood. We’re very proud that our residents are able to enjoy the meals and dishes that hold cultural significance to them, but we don’t stop there. Our chefs make sure these offerings are cooked with health in mind. Your family will find an assortment of delicious offerings that will bring some joy into their life each day. Our foods are interesting, healthy, and are something all of our residents look forward to.

We bring a low sodium focus

A high salt diet promotes high blood pressure and hypertension, which can lead to heart disease. At Garden of Palms, we make sure to provide low sodium meals that help decrease these side effects. By preparing a variety of colorful entrees and sides with lovely presentation, your loved one will have plenty of options for healthy choices without missing the salt or suffering from bland salad fatigue. Our chefs use fresh herbs and spices to incorporate interesting seasonings and elements instead of relying on salt to provide flavor. This creativity in the kitchen promotes your loved one’s well being and energy levels. We offer fresh greens, sauteed vegetables, and an array of whole grain options that help your family member stay healthy.

High protein is also an essential characteristic of our meal service

Seniors need a high protein diet to protect from the degenerative effects of muscle loss, memory loss, and mobility issues. Our meal offerings promote good health and energize our residents with fish rich in omega-3s, eggs, dairy, and protein dense kosher meats. Because we value both nutritional benefit and taste, our daily meals and snacks provide a bounty of opportunities for nourishing, flavorful meals.

Comfortable assisted living in Hollywood

If you’re looking for assisted living in Hollywood that provides your loved one with quality meals, make sure to visit Garden of Palms for a complimentary lunch and tour, call us today at 424-239-5051.