How Memory Care Fits Into Senior Living Communities

by Garden of Palms

How Memory Care Fits Into Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities provide a lifestyle choice for seniors looking to scale down their living arrangements, live with access to specialized senior care, and generally make their daily routines more enjoyable and safe. There are some communities in California which specifically focus on memory care, or rather, only accept residents who are experiencing mild cognitive impairment, memory loss, alzheimer’s, or dementia. These facilities aren’t referred to by one specific title, but you might see them described as “memory care only” facilities. However, the most common arrangement is for memory care to be a specific care program within a senior living community that provides assisted living services.

Assisted Living with Specialized Memory Care Experts On Site

Memory care is an important service to provide, and we have a specialized staff at Garden of Palms in Los Angeles including a physician who cares for residents experiencing memory loss, but not all residents require memory care. It’s interesting to note that while it’s commonly presumed that most individuals over approximately 70 years old eventually experience alzheimer’s or other memory loss issues, that’s not exactly accurate.

Garden of Palms Memory Care Facility in Los Angeles

Less Than One Out of Four Americans Develop Alzheimer’s

Memory loss is a unique condition which historically has not been well understood by physicians and care experts. New research is constantly occurring which examines the phenomena of memory loss that coincides with advanced age. Although it’s somewhat cliche to imagine that most seniors experience memory issues, less than 1 in 4 actually develop Alzheimer’s disease at some point in their lives. This is exciting data, because it suggests that Alzheimer’s disease is avoidable in many individuals. We have professionally designed memory care activities and exercises that help prevent memory decline in individuals with mild cognitive impairment and also help to preserve the cognitive abilities of individuals exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory Care Activities Help Prevent Memory Loss

Therefore, although not every senior needs memory care because they are actively experience mild to acute memory loss, memory care activities is a great addition to assisted living communities because of these programs help improve memory and prevent the onset of memory related issues. Memory care programs in assisted living can treat residents diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, and also help prevent mild cognitive impairment in residents who aren’t experiencing memory loss. In cases where a resident moves into an assisted living community without symptoms of memory loss, but develops memory loss over time, a community with a memory care program can being addressing these symptoms immediately. This is also a strategic design feature of assisted living programs because it doesn’t require the individual to leave their home in the senior community they love because they now require memory care.

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