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Activities in a balanced senior living experience.

by Garden of Palms

Activities in a balanced senior living experience.

A majority of America's senior citizens experiencing daily living in senior living communities find a wealth of opportunities to have fun and be happy as well as also to learn to enjoy the fullest of what life has offer. Senior living centers actually have a variety of activities carried out to occupy residents in their care. The new generation of senior living communities have proven to offer more than just that. Garden of Palms in Los Angeles gives great care towards planning a well rounded collection of activities.

These activities actually hover around education and entertainment, and we’ll take a look at some of these activities in this article.

Senior living programs incorporate planned activities for residents.

Lectures and Seminars

We all learn everyday throughout our lives. The opportunity to learn is a major component in any outstanding senior community. The teaching of sign language is done in some senior living communities which is not only fun to learn, but is also useful for residents who have developed hearing problems. Other classes also revolve around having computer training for residents, which helps to keep the mind sharp, and also has the benefit of helping residents develop fluency in digital communication which is a fantastic way for residents to keep in touch with their families. Many senior living communities also have libraries with collections of literary works.


Gala refers to dancing in this case, and the senior living residents often participate in dance classes for exercise as well as social dance occasions. Interestingly, dancing helps to reduce stress and joint stiffness which is something many residents experience. Fitness and social activity are important facets of a healthy and fulfilling retirement lifestyle, so dance is a natural fit.

Entertainment and Excursions

Entertainment happens to be one of the major pillars in running a senior community because it helps engage the residents, reduce idle time, avoid boredom, and of course provides joy and fun. Excursions (field trips) may involve visiting museums, live sports, games, picnics and more. These outings are activities residents may have enjoyed prior to their retirement, but may not have had significant time to dedicate to. Retirement is a wonderful time to explore charming activities.


This isn’t limited to morning splits and stretches. Senior living communities assist residents with fitness activities such as yoga or pilates. Senior living programs understand that each resident has varying levels of comfort and ability in terms of what kind of fitness routine makes sense for each individual. The best part of senior living is that each person is able to design their own routines, and Garden of Palms in Los Angeles will help residents enjoy an exercise routine that is perfect for them.

Karaoke and Music

Ever listened to yourself sing before? If so, then you would know the joy and fulfillment it gives to hear your own voice, and many senior living communities have introduced karaoke to their list of activities. Some communities have music rooms or pianos for residents to enjoy. Music is relaxing, healthy for the mind at any age, and adds a tasteful charm to a senior living community, and residents are able to enjoy themselves in this activity. Garden of Palms periodically has professional musicians perform at our community in Los Angeles, so there is a living, breathing sense of music in our community.

If you’re searching for a senior living community in Los Angeles for a family member, please tour our community to meet our staff and discover how we help create a charming senior living experience for our residents.