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Senior Living: The importance of maintaining social engagements.

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Senior Living: The importance of maintaining social engagements.

Relationships are what binds our society as a whole. People depend on relationships and social interaction on a daily basis and social engagements play a key role in keeping an individual content. Many studies have identified the importance of social engagement and its positive impact on the quality of life. This is especially the case in senior living environments where seniors are away from their loved ones. In senior living environments, social interaction is an important factor that can significantly improve the condition of elders according to various research. Garden of Palms is an upscale senior living community in Los Angeles. We understand the importance of social engagement between the seniors and promote their social interactions in the form of various activities.

Senior Living: The importance of maintaining social engagements.


Ill health effects of social deprivation

Studies have identified loneliness and social deprivation to have a significant impact on the overall health and wellbeing of seniors. According to a study conducted on 838 individuals with an average age of 80 years, it was identified that seniors with better social support depicted better cognitive functions when compared to those who were dissatisfied with their social networks. Multiple studies show that people who don’t experience satisfactory social interactions or often feel isolated or lonely tend to suffer from higher rates of morbidity and mortality, infections, depressions and deterioration of cognitive health. Researchers in Finland who conducted a 10 year study among 75 year olds identified that loneliness was associated with a large number of chronic diseases, degraded vision, poor functional capacity and symptoms of depression. As a well reputed senior living community in Los Angeles, we understand the importance of maintaining good relationships and the positive effects it can have on individual’s health. We have taken various steps to promote a healthy social atmosphere while incorporating multiple social activities into their daily routines to help seniors make and maintain good social relationships. Interactions with the loved ones, family and friends are also promoted and senior are allowed to interact with them very frequently during independent living.


Senior living community in Los Angeles

Senior living and independent living can become a factor that comes between social relationships maintained by elders. They may also experience loneliness due to passing of their friends and loved ones, making them more susceptible to various ill health effects that can arise from little to no social interaction. It is important to ensure that social engagement is maintained and promoted to improve the quality of life of seniors. We pay special attention to these needs and requirements, and incorporate findings from studies and research into our activities. 



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