Senior Living: How to Make Friends During Retirement

by Garden of Palms

Senior Living: How to Make Friends During Retirement

Retirement is an exciting new phase of life, and it brings with it many changes. You have the opportunity to move to a new place and create a new lifestyle involving your favorite things. But it can also be scary. Moving away from the people you have known for years can feel like starting all over. And you are not alone. There are thousands of people just like you looking for new friends.

Senior Living: How to Make Friends During Retirement


Figuring out how to make new friends in retirement is not as stressful as it might seem at first. In fact, you can meet people through the hobbies you already participate in and in the neighborhoods you frequent. By moving to an established and active senior living community, like Garden of Palms in Los Angeles, you will find that make friends is easier than you expected.

Ways to Make New Friends

  1. Start at the beginning.

According to the Sixty and Me blog, reconnecting with old friends from high school, college, or work is an easy way to make new friends in retirement. Like you, many of those old high school or college buddies are looking for friends and are open to skyping and emailing about old times - and they may be up for meeting to create some new memories!


  1. Get a dog!

A dog can be a great animal companion, and it can help you to meet more human companions as well. Going for walks with other pet owners in your community forms an easy bond with new neighbors. And if you don’t have many neighbors with pets? Every city has its own dog parks where you can meet up with other owners.


  1. Pick up a hobby.

Some hobbies provide automatic socialization. If you enjoy dance, sports, or art classes, you will meet like-minded people automatically. Even more solitary hobbies may have meetup groups around your city. One writer for US News & World Report wrote that his father, a fisherman, joined a local chapter of American Fly Fishermen, a group that meets for a monthly lunch.


  1. Volunteer.

Nothing bonds people like volunteering, and there are plenty of opportunities. If you attend church, you can help cook or organize retreats. If you are a part of a club or hobby group, you can plan volunteer opportunities to teach others or provide services.

Addressing the Friendship Fears

No matter where you go for retirement, you will be able to find new friends. You don’t have to do it alone. Finding a senior living community like Garden of Palms can connect you to many people who will help you to find volunteer opportunities, hobbies and clubs, and friendly new neighbors. Once you get out in your community, you’ll start to connect with others looking for a friend just like you!


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