Senior Living: Questions to Ask When Helping Your Parents Find a Senior Living Community

by Garden of Palms

Senior Living: Questions to Ask When Helping Your Parents Find a Senior Living Community

Your parents are getting older, and you feel like you have a thousand questions about where they will live and what their retirement years will bring to your extended family. For adult children, parents’ retirement can bring its own set of questions and concerns. After all, you want your parents to have the best experience possible.

Assisted Living: Questions to Ask When Helping Your Parents Find a Senior Living Community


As you and your parents tour senior living and assisted living communities, keeping a list of questions to ask will help to narrow down to a list of the best communities for them. Familiar with the most common questions children of older adults ask about senior living communities, we ensure comfort and security by answering all questions.


What You Need to Know About Senior Living and Assisted Living

Who lives there and who is on staff?

The people your parents will interact with each day are largely responsible for the senior living community experience. Get to know their neighbors and the staff they will interact with on a daily basis.


What activities happen on a day-to-day basis?

Your parents’ mental and physical health will benefit from staying active. Look for a community that offers both outdoor and indoor activities, provides exercise, and incorporates your parents’ interests.


What can I expect in terms of health and safety?

In a perfect world, you would be there for any emergencies your parents had immediately, but that is not always the case. If you cannot be there, you want to be sure that your parents have a safety plan in place. Will the community provide aides when they are needed, or are your parents allowed to bring their own? In the case of a health scare, what steps are in place to ensure efficient care?


When and what do residents eat?

Asking questions about quality of life helps you to pick the best community for your parents. Trying the food, checking for indoor and outdoor upkeep, and asking questions about the daily schedule that the community operates on will help you to feel comfortable making a match with your parents’ lifestyle.


What transportation services are offered?

Seniors have the time to travel and explore, and your parents will want to get out from their community from time to time. Do the communities you are looking at offer busses or cars? If so, how far will these take your parents? Are there limits on or costs to using them?


Choosing the Right Senior Living and Assisted Living Community

Any senior living and assisted living community should be able to give you details and answer your questions. Our community in Los Angeles wants to make the children of their residents feel just as confident and comfortable as their residents.  When the families of residents feel comfortable with the staff and location they have chosen and feel comfortable asking questions, everybody works together to help create the most positive senior living experience.


If you’re exploring senior living communities in Los Angeles for yourself or a loved one, please tour our community or contact us for more information about our organization.