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Senior Living: Active Recreation Programs for Older Adults

by Garden of Palms

Senior Living: Active Recreation Programs for Older Adults

Active aging is key for older adults in modern senior living communities. They take group classes, go for walks outside, and play games like golf and tennis. Recent trends show that these are not the only options for seniors, though.

Many seniors are starting to branch out and take unique recreation classes to enhance their senior living experience. Whether you have access to a fitness center, your senior living residence offers active classes and events, or you just want to set up a game or sport with the people who live near you, there are more options than ever for fun ways to stay fit.

Senior Living: Active Recreation Programs for Older Adults


Three Types of Active Recreation

  1. Muscle-Strengthening

Seniors can strengthen their muscles with more than weights and resistance bands. In the summer, canoeing uses nearly every arm muscle and can be done at any pace. In the winter, curling is a fun sport for senior teams. If there is no ice around, seniors can set up their own hardwood floor curling games using equipment found anywhere. For further muscle movement, some gyms now offer movement classes for seniors inspired by popular sports and athletes, where seniors mimic the most important moves from those sports.


  1. Flexibility

Yoga is one of the most popular ways to improve flexibility. With options ranging from hot yoga to goat yoga, seniors who want a challenge or a laugh will be able to find the right class. Many seniors are now enjoying chair yoga classes, which is performed entirely while sitting down. Seniors with limited mobility can even take walking classes to help them decrease pain and regain some ability to perform physical activities. Aqua classes increase flexibility in a relaxed environment, and many aqua classes are adding extra fun by setting the classes to songs and including moves from popular dance styles.


  1. Endurance

Everything from dance to aqua classes can help build endurance. There are even classes that combine movements from many types of exercises to create workouts that target what seniors need most. Tai Chi is one of the most popular classes because of its gentle movements, but those who want more variety might want to try Pi-Yo-Chi. This class uses a combination of pilates, yoga, and tai chi to help seniors with balance and endurance. Barre classes use ballet motions, and Zumba uses Latin dance moves set to music. Line dancing classes are another great way to build endurance and work the heart.


Staying Active Daily for a Healthy Senior Living Experience

The CDC recommends at least two hours and thirty minutes of exercise every week for seniors. For many, staying active is easier when there are varied and new exercises to try. Garden of Palms in Los Angeles has noticed this among their clientele. Seniors who have access to fun classes are excited about working out and staying healthy.


An active recreation program is an important component of a modern senior living community. Garden of Palms in Los Angeles continually works to incorporate activities that add value to the retirement experience of our residents. If you’re looking at a senior living community for a family member, please contact us for more information about our programs or to tour our community.


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