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Senior Living: How Seniors Make Important New Friendships During Retirement

by Garden of Palms

Senior Living: How Seniors Make Important New Friendships During Retirement

One of the biggest adjustments you’ll face in retirement is the change to your social life. For many people, the bulk of human interaction happens at work. Naturally, upon leaving the workforce, things can seem a little quiet, especially if you decide to relocate.

As a senior living community in Los Angeles, CA, Garden of Palms understands the importance of making new friendships in retirement – and how intimidating it can be. Loneliness is a major health risk for older adults, so knowing how to make new friends is essential for a happy and healthy senior living experience.

Senior Living: How Seniors Make Important New Friendships During Retirement


Here are a few tips on how to build new friendships during retirement.


Pursue your interests


What do you enjoy doing? Shared passions are a great way to connect with others. Many hobbies can be sociable activities, such as cooking, cycling, animal care, hiking, pop culture, volunteering, and dancing. Pick up a calendar at your local senior center or gym to join a group or take a class; you’re most likely to meet people who share similar interests this way.


Don’t shy away from technology


If you aren’t already on social media, it’s easier than ever to join. Facebook provides an easy way to get back in touch with friends who drifted away. You can also use it to find local events or join communities to meet new people. Websites like are great for making friends as well – for example, you can search for Los Angeles groups for seniors. Even many dating sites offer the option to look for friends.


Leave your comfort zone


Try to say yes more often and to every social invitation, even if it’s something you’ve never done before. Don’t be afraid to make friendships with people who are much younger or older than you; you can even become a mentor to younger generations. You might be surprised at how much you have in common.


Remember to stay positive!


If you’re feeling lonely, it can be difficult to keep a positive state of mind, but it’s important to not get discouraged if someone doesn’t return a phone call or turns down an invitation. A positive mindset will keep you motivated and attract people to you. Making new friends can take a little bit of effort, but it’s worth it to have people to share laughter and create new memories with.

At Garden of Palms, we understand the value of connecting with others, and we offer an intimate environment that encourages friendship through a variety of engaging activities. For more information about our senior living community, click here.