Bubbies and Babies is a program where babies visit our residents each week.

by Garden of Palms

We love seeing our friend Ruth, a 1 year old girl, who visits Garden of Palms every Monday.


Bubbies and Babies is a program where babies visit our residents each week, and Ruth's visits are part of this program. Ruthy, one of our favorite residents, who will turn 101 years old soon, loves these visits.


“Oh, this is a pleasure.” Ruthy says about the weekly visits. “I wish I had this for my kids when I was younger.”


This means so much to Ruth, as she never had the chance to become a grandmother. Having young visitors adds life and a sense of occasion to our community. Executive director Judah Cohen recognizes the benefits this program has:


“It’s really wonderful to see the connection between the different generations.”


Research shows that intergenerational interactions are beneficial for all ages. In older adults, the benefits can be observed as decreased loneliness, lowered blood pressure, and delayed cognitive decline. In young children, the benefits included enhanced social development, enhanced empathy, and increased comfort around the elderly.


One of our goals for life at Garden of Palms is to provide an environment is comfortable, vibrant, and genuinely feels like home for our residents, because it is their home. We love the Bubbies and Babies program because it makes our residents happy and fits perfectly with our community.