Assisted Living: How Virtual Reality Can Revolutionize Senior Care

by Garden of Palms

While it sounds like something out of a sci-fi film, virtual reality is nothing new. In fact, different types of simulations can be found throughout history, and the virtual reality we know today is built upon technologies dating back to the 1800s. But virtual reality is more than just entertainment; it’s also a powerful tool used in education, medicine, art, and more recently, senior care.

As a senior living community in Los Angeles offering assisted living services, Garden of Palms keeps up with the latest trends in elder care. In this article, we explore some exciting opportunities that virtual reality can bring to assisted living.

Exploring the Possibilities of Virtual Reality

Offering deeply immersive, interactive environments, virtual reality can transport someone from everyday life into a completely different world. This can be anything from a video game to a real-life setting. Since many seniors in assisted living are unable to travel far from home due to limited mobility, virtual reality can be a powerful way for them to stay engaged with life. After all, it provides a doorway out into the world, whether that means visiting an exotic, overseas destination, or participating in a live parade .

For seniors with dementia, virtual reality can provide a type of reminiscence therapy by allowing them to relive past experiences. It has other medical uses, too; researchers have been exploring the potential of virtual reality in pain relief for decades, and it can be used as part of physical therapy for stroke victims as well.

Virtual reality also offers unique social opportunities. Not only can virtual experiences be shared as a group, but 360-degree cameras can place residents virtually in the homes of long-distance relatives for a special visit. Considering the risk of isolation and loneliness among older adults, virtual reality could become an essential tool for keeping seniors socially connected with others.

Closing Thoughts

Technological advancements bring a great deal of potential to the field of senior care, and virtual reality is no exception. Though it may seem like an expensive toy, virtual reality can be a powerful tool with a wide range of uses in assisted living, from social benefits to medical therapy. One thing is clear: virtual reality has a lot to offer, especially for seniors with limited mobility.

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