Foundations of healthy aging: Exercise

by Garden of Palms

Aging is a natural process that everyone experiences in their own way. Healthy aging (what most people casually refer to as “aging well”) is a highly desirable quality. It allows people to remain productive, independent, and fulfilled well into older age and retirement.

As a senior living living community in Los Angeles providing independent living and assisted living services, we are highly focused on the science of aging, and how it can be used to improve the quality of life in older adults.

Foundations of healthy aging: Exercise

Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity feels like such an obvious, universally known factor that it’s almost cliche to suggest it, but this is for good reason - it’s true. Exercise and physical activity is a core concept behind nearly every healthy routine, and nearly all older adults and seniors who are displaying healthy aging are active, engage in regular exercise and fitness, and have lifestyles which get them moving. The specific physical activities vary greatly. 

Everything from light exercises like walking, hiking, and swimming, to more rigorous things like running, climbing, and sports. 

Physical activity not only builds strength and stamina, but it also reduces a person’s susceptibility to age induce diseases and disabilities. Fending off issues like arthritis, heart disease, bone loss, cancers, and illnesses allows the body to age gradually without any substantial issue created physical challenges. 

This is how, for example, a 70 year old man without any specific debilitating or chronic issue can look and feel better than a 55 year old man with numerous physical ailments slowing them down and speeding up their aging. What researchers, physicians, and age science specialists have observed for decades in a slippery slope phenomenon about a person’s physical condition. 

This is the idea that the development of one issue or health challenge often begets another. 

For example, if a 55 year old man develops a degenerative form of bone loss which prevents him from being able to hike, jog, walk for long distances, or engage in substantial cardiovascular based workouts, then his conditioning will suffer. This will naturally lead him to be more susceptible to issues that arise from poor conditioning, such as heart disease, obesity, and a weakened immune system.

Garden of Palms

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No matter how well you or a loved one may be aging, sometimes life in a senior living community is the healthy option. And choosing life in senior living doesn’t always mean your loved one is not aging well. 

Garden of Palms creates a wonderful community focused around social activities, and we work hard to build a loving community that facilitates companionship and an overall rewarding retirement experience. There are many reasons to explore senior living.

If you’re exploring senior living communities in the Los Angeles area for a family member, we encourage you to contact us for more information about our programs, or to tour our community.

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