Foundations of healthy aging: Diet

by Garden of Palms

Aging affects everyone differently. Two people can be the same age chronologically, but biologically they can be years apart. Someone whose biological age is notably less than their chronological age is often observed to be “aging well”. By understanding behaviors and environmental exposures that can influence a person’s biological age, we can all seek to manage our biological age and pursue healthy aging throughout life.

As a senior living living community in Los Angeles we work to be on the cutting edge of the science of aging and to understand the best age management strategies and techniques so that can implement them into our senior living and assisted living programs.

Foundations of healthy aging: Diet

Affecting biological age through diet

“Age is just a number” sounds cliche, in part because it’s often used in the context of mindset development - an inspirational anecdote used work towards a person’s psychological well being. While all of those things contribute towards a person’s overall wellbeing, circling back on the foundations of healthy aging, a core concept of healthing aging is examining a person’s biological age. This is a measurement of how well their cells are regenerating.

While it’s not the only measurement of healthy aging, generally if a person’s cells are continuously regenerating at a healthy rate, they will be more likely to look good (skin, hair, and physical fitness) and feel good (having energy, and being free of substantial physical ailments. The other side of this if a person’s cells were to slow their rate of regeneration. Diet - the food that a person consumes during their life - has long been understood to have a major impact on a person’s biological age, their cellular health, and how well they’re observed to be aging.

Focus foods

Dietary science is an amazingly complex subject that is difficult to summarize succinctly in a short space. However, we can show off a few focus foods that everyone at all ages should emphasize in their diets to promote healthy aging. Foods that are widely recognized to have properties that promote healthy aging include low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. There’s also key foods to avoid which can fend off the effects of aging. These include foods with large amounts of sugar, processed meats, and foods high in saturated fat.

Garden of Palms

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We are extremely proud of our dining programs and chef prepared meals. We invest greatly in our culinary staff and source the best quality ingredients for all of our meals. Not only are great meals and amazing food simply enjoyable and fun, but we understand that they all contribute greatly towards our residents health, so we invest greatly in our food and the health of our residents.

If you’re exploring senior living communities in the Los Angeles area for a family member, there are many considerations from community fit and programs to food and dining. We encourage you to contact us for more information about our programs, or to tour our community.

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