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Life at Garden of Palms, August 2019

by Garden of Palms

We’ve built one of the most unique assisted living communities in Los Angeles

Great care and planning are given to our community each month. We think about our residents, what they need, what they will enjoy, and how we can build these things into a rewarding retirement experience. This is our mission and our purpose. Our leadership and team work closely together to continuously improve the things we are already doing and that our residents are already enjoying (like our chef prepared meals or group outings), and also find new things that we can add in to make our resident’s lives more rich.

Please take a moment to get in touch with some of the high points of our work during the month of August.

We’ve built one of the most unique assisted living communities in Los Angeles

Key event: Hawaiian Luau on August 27

Yes, we’re doing it. Everyone loves a Luau. We thought we should use the warm mild weather to do something fun, and we decided a Luau would be perfect. We’re going to have authentic Polynesian food and snacks, dancing, and music. It’s a chance to be mellow for a day and recreate the charm of a Pacific Island.

Key program: Religious Services

We are a full-service senior living community open to residents of all faiths, and we provide services and amenities for our Jewish residents which are authentic and Kosher certified. As such, we hold regular Shabbat services every Friday at 3:30pm, and on Saturdays at 10:30am. On August 11 we’re holding Tisha B’Av led by Rabbi Jerry Corn. We are an authentic Jewish Home in Los Angeles and providing this experience to our Jewish residents is a core of what we do. 

Visitors, Guests, and Performers

Residents at Garden of Palms see many new faces each month because we have so many visitors. Los Angeles is home to one of the most diverse local populations in the world, and we’re fortunate to have so many interesting people visiting and sharing with us. We have musical performers in house twice per week, and we make sure to have a variety of music. This ranges from individual singers sharing their talent, to jazz, piano, violin, and overall a perfect mix of classical and contemporary - all very appropriate for the setting.

We also have guest lecturers and visitors who arrive to share some intellectual pursuit that they specialize in. This month we’re having an art history course, a watercoloring class, and other activities. Barely a day goes by where we don’t have something new, special, or unique happening.

Resident of the month - Ruth Lizer

We are a community of great residents, and speaking with and spending time with any of them, we see that they all have interesting things to say, special experiences to share, and insights to provide that only they can. This is part of the charm of being a senior living community. We love our residents, we’re proud to live and work with them, so naturally we want to brag about them!

Meet Ruth Lizer. Ruth has spent nearly her entire life in the Los Angeles area, and worked and raised a family here. Ruth is good at doing things which take skill and patience, like sewing, creating clothes, reading, and doing craftwork. She is a calming and insightful presence at our community, and we’re happy to have her with us.

Key service: Assisted Living Program

We are an elite provider of assisted living services in Los Angeles. Our assisted living works to address every need of our residents on an individual basis, and we seek to create healthy life balance through a structured personal care, health and diet, activities, and social events.

See more about our assisted living program.

Garden of Palms

An assisted living community in Hollywood

We love the work we do, and each month we get excited to find ways to make it our best ever. Building the best retirement experience for our residents is our mission, and we’re proud of the lifestyle we provide.

If you’re exploring assisted living programs in the Hollywood area for a family member, we would love the chance to show what life at Garden of Palms is all about. You can tour our community, meet our staff, and get acquainted to see if we’re what you’re seeking. If you need a bit more information first, we encourage you to speak with our director who can answer all of your questions.

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