We’re a kosher Jewish retirement home and assisted living home in Los Angeles

by Garden of Palms

Ask our team, or spend some time with our residents, and they will tell you all about how we are highly driven by our purpose to build an amazing retirement community in Los Angeles. We view our community as a living, breathing, highly complex entity - because we’re a community of people, from our hardworking team to our deeply diverse residents. While we have a long held commitment to simply provide the highest level of support, care, and amenities, we challenge ourselves each month to go much further and to be inventive and thoughtful in our monthly planning work. We feel the result is a retirement community that is truly unique to the Los Angeles market - upscale accommodations, kosher Jewish services, all tied together with a world class staff.

Most of the older adults and their families whom we consult with during their exploration of senior living options don’t necessarily know what to expect from our community. The services we provide, the staff we retain, the makeup of our resident population, and our location all contribute to us standing out to families who are in need of a service like assisted living.

We’re a kosher Jewish retirement home and assisted living home in Los Angeles

We work to understand the criteria you have for your family

We provide personalized care and support for older adults, ranging from independent living to assisted living. We believe in a person centered approach to supporting our residents. What this means is that while we provide all the support and services one would expect in assisted living, like assistance with daily activities, central dining programs (ours are amazing and chef prepared), health activities, and outings, we develop and customize each individual resident’s routine based on their preferences, their health, any special needs they may have, and of course, whatever makes them happy. 

The result of all of our care, planning, thought, and program customizations at the individual level, is that our residents are living a beautiful, rich, rewarding retirement that can not be experienced at any other senior living community or any other assisted living program.

Garden of Palms

We’re a Kosher Certified Jewish Assisted Living Home in Hollywood

We love the work we do, and each month we get excited to find ways to make it our best ever. Building the best retirement experience for our residents is our mission, and we’re proud of the lifestyle we provide.

We are a home to residents of many faiths and everyone is welcome at Garden of Palms. For older Jewish adults exploring senior living communities, and considering the various independent living and assisted living programs in Los Angeles, we are a premier option that must be looked at. Come tour our community!

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1025 North Fairfax Avenue.

West Hollywood, CA 90046

Phone: (323) 656-7900

Email: director@gardenofpalms.com