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Garden of Palms, September 2020: Assisted Living and Memory Care in Los Angeles

by Garden of Palms

Everyone around our community has remarked that 2020 feels like it is flying by at a tremendous pace. Our society as a whole has experienced emotional peaks and valleys, health concerns, and overall the demands on everyone have been extremely trying. Throughout this process, we have worked to ensure the health, safety, and happiness of our residents and staff, while maintaining the best assisted living and memory care programs in Los Angeles. We love our community here, and we feel blessed.


Our entire community including residents, staff, and leadership, did a tremendous job in responding to the new reality that surprised us all. To get up to date on everything we're doing to protect you, our staff and our community during this challenging period, please click here to see the measures we've implemented as part of our COVID-19 Response.


Please take a moment to get up to date on the good news happening at Garden of Palms.

Employee of the Month - Hector

This month we are showcasing Hector in our Garden of Palms Employee Spotlight! Hector has been working at our community for almost half a year now, and reports his happiness at being able to join the team alongside his wife, Fresia, who has been working here for the past five years as a caregiver! Together this dynamic duo are encouraging and hardworking in their respective departments and we love their work ethic and positivity. Hector was born and raised in El Salvador, but after finishing high school he moved to the US for the opportunities available. He met and married Fresia, and together they have two beautiful children: Hector Jr., a seven year old, and Miriam, a six year old. He worked various jobs before coming to our community to work in the kitchen as an aspiring chef, as well as helping out with small maintenance tasks. 


Hector loves to be busy at work, as it makes the time fly by. He also enjoys conversing with the residents when he has the chance, and he appreciates the fact that while his English skills may pose a slight barrier to conversation, everyone is still friendly and approachable. In Hector’s spare time, he loves to pass along his passion for soccer by coaching three teams of co-ed soccer; he coaches the 4-5 year olds, the 6-8 year olds, and the 13-15 year olds. As that has been paused during this period of state-wide quarantine, he has been spending a lot of time with his family, cooking for them and enjoying quality time together. His life philosophy is to focus on being content and happy with his family; and his current dream is to save up enough money to buy a house for his wife and kids.


Resident of the Month - Gregory K

Gregory was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where his father was stationed in the army. His father was a doctor, and his mother raised four children, of whom Gregory was the first; before two twin brothers and a sister came along. Gregory attended UCLA and CSUN, where he studied pre-med for two years, before switching to History and Political Science. He was the President of the Young Democrats Club in college, and an avid supporter of women’s rights thanks to the example of his mother’s activism throughout his childhood. 


He graduated from University of Redlands with a degree in Business Administration. He also served in the Navy Reserve, spending one year abroad in Vietnam on the staff of the fleet Commodore. He wasn’t the most gung-ho soldier, however, as he refused to carry a gun and discussed why they should leave Vietnam and Johnson should be impeached! After his service in the Navy, Gregory worked at Lockheed Aircraft in scientific computing for 14 years. He then transitioned to a teaching career at a Hebrew Academy as well as at Woodcrest Prep, helping students of all ages prepare for entrance exams. Gregory’s philosophy in life is that “No man is an island”, and he ascribes to the ideal that all people are equal and we should always treat others with respect. He particularly cares about the welfare of others and he and his family have been great examples of living out their beliefs. 


He remembers his mother giving up her seat on the bus for an African-American woman, and the bus driver kicking his mom off the bus! Another memory is of his mom picking up soldiers walking to and from the nearby military base, and when she slowed to pick up an African-American soldier, a Caucasian soldier already seated told her to drive by because he wouldn’t ride in the car with him. So his mother told the Caucasian soldier to get out, and the African-American soldier to hop in!

Throughout his life Gregory continued in the fight for civil rights, caring for the disenfranchised and powerless by registering voters for the black and chicano movements, joining non-violent protests in support of their causes, and helping to build edifices for their further education and liberation. He was fortunate enough to meet inspirational leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King, and Cesar Chavez. He himself was even elected as a delegate to the LA County Democratic Central Committee, and helped lead a movement ensuring delegates were always elected, as opposed to appointed. He happily lives a life of commitment to the civil rights of all citizens, and we are happy to have Gregory as an inspirational part of our Garden of Palms community!


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