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Garden of Palms, November 2020: Assisted Living and Memory Care in Los Angeles

by Garden of Palms

We have always worked to give our residents the best assisted living experience possible, and this has included recreating holidays within our community. We’re determined to create a wonderful Thanksgiving experience here as unfortunately we cannot invite family members to dine with us due to the pandemic. While this year may be different than all others, we are lucky to be surrounded by our friends. 


What are you thankful for our wonderful residents, their beautiful extended families (who under normal circumstances would be invited over for dinner), our special staff and team members, and the countless blessings we’ve experienced.


Through all of the events that our community has experienced this year, we have remain focused on doing the best for our residents. The best assisted living services. The best therapies. The best activities. We’re proud of our residents for remaining strong and we’re proud of our team for their perseverance.


Employee Spotlight - Soledad Herrera

Our Employee Spotlight this November is on Soledad Herrera! She is one of our wonderful caregivers here at Garden of Palms. She was born and raised in Zacatecas, Mexico, before moving to the United States in 1998. Over the last twenty years, she and her husband Jaime lovingly raised their two boys in Los Angeles. She is very proud of her adult sons, Eduardo and Ivan. They are a tight knit family and love to hang out and go everywhere together in their free time. 


Back in Mexico, she used to work in the health care field as well, although in a different capacity as a secretary in a hospital office. She was happy to continue working in the health care field when she transitioned to a care giving job, which she enjoys since helping people fulfills her and makes her feel good. We appreciate her caring heart and attitude, and are happy to have her as part of the Garden of Palms team!


Resident of the Month - Barbara W

Barbara was born and raised in Massachusetts with her twin sister, Betsy, and attended Brookline High School. She appreciates the education she received there, and considered it harder than college. Her father worked as a fundraiser for Jewish agencies, and she had a unique example of working outside the home from her mother who worked as a social worker. She and her sister attended Syracuse University, and Barbara graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts and Psychology. 


She met her future husband, Harold (Harpo) in a college class, and got married the summer after she graduated. She and her husband both worked as teachers, she at a Yeshiva and her husband in public schools. They had 6 children: 5 girls and 1 son, who’s a rabbi now. The kids all went to the Yeshiva where she taught and became more connected to Judaism and more religious than their parents. 


She now has more than 25 grandchildren and great grandchildren combined. She’s very proud of her family, and the favorite gift she received was from her grandchildren on her last birthday. It is a bright red blanket with many snapshots of all her family on it. She always laughs and feels so happy when she tucks in the blanket, and will even talk to them when she’s rolling it up. Barbara moved around the United States before coming to join us at Garden of Palms in California! She enjoys living here among so many friendly people. Her motto is “Life is what you make of it” and more and more as she grows older, she feels so lucky and blessed.

Garden of Palms

Assisted Living in Los Angeles

We love running and planning Garden of Palms, because our residents and their family continue to tell us how happy they are with us part of their lives. When we hear that we’re providing a happy, healthy, and safe environment for seniors in Los Angeles, we know we’re succeeding in our purpose.


If you’re exploring assisted living programs in the Hollywood area for a family member, we would love the chance to show what life at Garden of Palms is all about. You can tour our community, meet our staff, and get acquainted to see if we’re what you’re seeking. If you need a bit more information first, we encourage you to speak with our director who can answer all of your questions.


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