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Assisted living sometimes sounds horrible until you bring to light some of the advantages of assisted living care that assure you of quality care for your loved ones by emphasizing their safety and comfort. All you want is specialized and personalized care of your loved ones to cope with their medical condition and you cannot facilitate them on your own. So, when you know your loved one needs extra attention, you can visit the Garden of Palms  Assisted living facility, where our well-trained staff offers the residents the finest care and makes them feel at home.

The individuals are overseen by the compassionate and caring staff during their stay at Garden of Palms assisted living care home. Garden of Palms is Jewish home, Kosher certified senior community located in West Hollywood in Los Angeles. We have served thousands of residents with our customized assisted living facility as the physical need of every individual is unique. Our residents over here relish the delicious meals prepared by our kosher chefs and enjoy the activities that are close to their hearts.

Put your mind at ease and make your loved one’s life hassle-free with the Garden of Palms Assisted living facility Los Angeles as we do exactly that!

Garden of Palms Retirement home Los Angeles

Who is the Garden of Palms?

The Garden of Palms is a senior living community in Los Angeles, offering our services in assisted living and memory care. We are located in West Hollywood, just a short stroll away from Santa Monica Blvd.

With our competent and cheerful staff and with 24/7 availability the whole week to take care of the needs of our residents. During their stay with us, we provide several  Los Angeles assisted living programs offering several daily activities. With a beautiful dining place and a Kosher Certified Chef who prepares nutritious meals, doing so in accordance with residents dietary needs and restrictions.

Our dedicated staff here is warm and caring, providing the best possible care to the residents and creating an at-home atmosphere. The well-trained staff serves quality food along with attentive service to all our guests, nourishing and strengthening both the body and mind.

What are the amenities included in our assisted living facility in Los Angeles?

At Garden of Palms, the main motto of our assisted living program is to make the assisted life hassle-free and well accommodated with our several services. We take care of the most delicate needs of the senior living community and try to provide a home-like cozy atmosphere with an emphasis on comfort. Our amenities include:

  • At Garden of Palms, we provide pleasant, spacious apartments with private baths, and in some selected rooms, kitchenettes are available if desired.
  • In addition, we provide participants in the assisted living program with healthy breads and desserts prepared in our kitchen as we know residents require a healthy and nutritious diet at this age.
  • In our assisted living program, we encourage social interaction to make a home-like environment, and our residents enjoy a sense of community.
  • We constantly work on making life at the home care-free and friendly for our residents by offering various activities and events.

How does Garden of palms provide the best-assisted living facility in Los Angeles?

The Garden of Palms has occupied itself with reliable and experienced staff who are prompt in watching over every need of our residents here. Care specialists monitor the residents at Garden of Palms. They look after the residents with housekeeping, transportation, hygiene, meals, and anything else that the residents require in their daily regiment.

assisted living memory care program

What activities does Garden of Palms offer to its residents?

At Garden of Palms, the management takes care of residents and provides an environment that best suits their health conditions. We offer several activity programs that engage the elderly, as activity is an essential part of daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

At Garden of Palms, we schedulevarious events and activities to ensure residents are kept active, keeping them vital. We strive to ensure our resident's lives are enjoyable with an up-to-date calendar of events.

1. Entertainment

Our activities schedule includes music, dancing, magic, and lots more, with at least two performances every week. During the holiday season, opera, talent shows, a comedy night, and many other special events are arranged. Observing the Jewish holidays and Jewish programming for the residents. Jewish high school students come to visit. And our community loves to be around young adults giving us a sense of nostalgia and bringing back memories of youth!

2. Day Trips

The Garden of Palms offers armchair traveling to the residents and has a travel club that all the residents enjoy. Our residents love traveling, and we make the life of residents colorful throughout the year with several activities.

3. Journaling

Does your loved one enjoy writing? If they want to record and remember their past, and there is a passion for writing. Recounting their life experiences for the generations to come. At Garden of Palms, journaling is encouraged and emphasized.

4. Story and Word Games

At the Garden of Palms assisted living memory care program story and word games are offered for residents' to help the mentally challenged cope with memory loss and Alzheimer's disease. Our dedicated staff specializes in memory care related issues. Providing patient compassionate care for our residents with memory care obstacles.

We work hard in making the residents feel at home and focus on therapies for boosting memory and physical fitness. Garden of Palms has re-defined assisted living with the senior community, a loving staff, warm services, and a home like environment.

We know searching for the best retirement home in Los Angeles will be challenging, and you have many questions regarding an assisted living facility. Henceforth we invite you to have a tour of Garden Palms and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our Kosher Chefs.

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