Garden of Palms

Continuing Care Los Angeles

Continuing Care Los Angeles

Garden of Palms is a quaint continuing care community in Los Angeles. Our continuing care community is a senior living community which meets a range of senior care needs including independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

Our continuing care program in Los Angeles tailors each individual resident’s care plan to their specific needs. Continuing care allows resident’s care plans to grow with the resident as their needs grow or change.

Residents can move into our continuing care community under an independent living program which allows residents to have access to amenities, activities, and services to make their daily routines easy, but lets them maintain an active, free, independent lifestyle.

As residents grow older and their needs change, we can modify their continuing care plan to support more assisted living services, including help with medication, laundry, transportation, and other services depending on the individual’s needs.

Our memory care services can be fitted into resident’s continuing care programs to help prevent memory loss or to begin treating any symptoms of memory loss, alzheimer’s, or dementia.

Continuing care allows residents to always receive the best care possible for their specific needs without needing to move to a new retirement community because their needs may have changed. Choosing the best retirement community is a difficult choice. In a continuing care community, seniors can stay in the environment they enjoy while receiving the best possible senior care at all times.

We understand choosing a senior care community is a challenging process, and finding the best senior living arrangement is your top priority. Please get in touch with us so we can show you how we provide the best continuing care in Los Angeles. For more information about our continuing care program in Los Angeles:

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