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The Gardens Memory Care Program in Los Angeles

Garden Of Palms - Alzheimer's Care In Los Angeles

When disorientation and memory loss begin to affect a person’s life, basic needs become ever more complex.
At the Gardens, our memory care program, we provide a gentle, compassionate environment that minimizes confusion while maximizing security, health and enjoyment of life.

Alzheimer's and Memory Loss Care Program

Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss make life more challenging. The Gardens offer a secure, compassionate environment specifically designed to respond to those challenges. Residents of The Gardens enjoy the comfort and gracious living to which they are accustomed, while receiving the extra care and support their health needs require. We strive to optimize every aspect of their lives.

The Gardens provide a safe and serene indoor environment. Outdoors, a fully secure terrace complete with comfortable patio seating and sunkissed dining area makes fresh air and natural beauty a daily luxury. State of the art Delayed Egress, Wanderguard System and monitors provide additional security.

Our caring, compassionate staff balances professional courtesy with energetic interaction. We treat each resident with respect and dignity, using specific dementia care techniques.

Specialized Activities
While honoring each resident’s current stage of health, we also make every effort to maximize abilities, independence and enjoyment of life. Our Certified Activity Director, who is experienced in working with the needs of memory impairment, coordinates activities that encourage strength and flexibility of the “whole person.” Mind, body and spirit are fortified through exercise programs like yoga and tai chi, arts and craft projects, garden and nature adventures, brain teasers, social events and outings. We make every effort to ensure that each present moment is a happy moment for residents with memory-support issues.

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