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Los Angeles Assisted Living Activities

Senior Activities at Garden of Palms

  • Entertainment

    Music, dancing and magic are all on our programming schedule, with at least two performances every week. We feature everything from klezmer to opera, and on holidays, everyone gets a chance to shine—residents, families, and staff—as we create our very own talent show.

  • Shabbat and Holiday Discussions & Services

    Minds and hearts are stimulated with weekly Judaic learning opportunities and services.

  • Outings

    Some residents will have a field day at the Beverly Center or the Grove, while others revel in bargains at the 99¢ store. For a simple getaway, join us for a scenic ride to the beach.
    An in-house weekly calendar notes upcoming events.

  • Around the World

    Armchair travelers, rejoice! No passport needed when you join us each week to learn all about a different country

  • Life Journal Writing

    You have a long and colorful history, and you’re the star. Share and preserve your life story, for yourself, your loved ones, and generations to come.

  • Story Game

    Don’t tell us you’re not a storyteller! We start with something as simple as a family anecdote, with everyone filling in the blanks. It’s a fun game to play, and just as fun to hear back.

  • Book Club

    Book lovers are in luck—Garden of Palms has its very own built-in book club. We suggest one book a month, then discuss it the following month after everyone’s had a chance to read it.

  • Adult Storytelling

    Beyond reading and telling stories, there is a singular pleasure in being read to. We use pictures and props to spin an imaginary web, designed specially for adults.

  • Postcard & Letter Writing

    It’s such a treat to receive mail the old-fashioned way, via the post office. Our writing circle addresses family and friends, as well as editors and politicians—who give more weight to opinions that arrive on paper. Your vote helped hire them; let them know what you’d like them to do on the job.

  • News Updates

    Newspapers are always available, but we’ll also give you a variety of special updates, including local, national, and international news.

  • Speakers

    Our residents are an attentive audience for local speakers on health, safety, and other interesting and timely topics.

  • Board & Word Games

    Board games aren’t just for kids, and neither are tournaments and prizes! Just show up; we’ll show you how to play. And of course anyone can join the Bingo Bonanza.

  • Arts & Crafts

    Bring out your inner artist. Join us for jewelry making, painting, watercolor, origami, ceramics, block printing and much more.

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Innovative Programs

Health & Vitality
at Any Age


Assisted living, independent living, and senior care residents enjoy a vibrant and stimulating array of events and activities. The calendars provided here are up-to-date. You’ll find that we consistently keep life interesting for our residents. To address physical health, we offer nutritional guidance and exercise programs such as stretch and tone,  t’ai chi, moving to music and chair aerobics.

We challenge our minds with word games, fun game-show type challenges and lively current event discussions, punctuated by kosher snacks. Since we are a culturally Jewish assisted living community in Los Angeles, we come together on Fridays to bake challah, and we celebrate Shabbat with rabbinical guidance every Friday night and Saturday morning.

We of course celebrate the Jewish holidays, and also provide extensive Jewish programming, such as traditional klezmer music concerts and visits from children attending nearby Jewish elementary and high schools. There’s nothing like being around children to keep us young in retirement! In addition to celebrating our Jewish culture, we honor our essential spiritual nature with yoga and garden walks. And just for fun, we provide guest entertainment, such as comedy, music and dance, at least twice every week.