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Envision Relaxation

As we look ahead to retirement, we envision it as a time to truly relax and enjoy life and the fruits of our labors. But for many of us, growing older may also mean needing occasional extra support.

Nurturing Body, Mind & Spirit

We believe that a safe, nurturing, and lively environment is essential for the well-being of all our residents. Our basic services are top tier, yet we go way beyond with a holistic program that strengthens body, mind, and spirit. We support physical health with nutritional consultations and healthful home-cooked meals that include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, often organic. We challenge the body with moderate physical exercise, for example, t’ai chi and gardening. And we challenge minds with verbal gymnastics, writing exercises, game-show quizzes, and daily reading. Spirit is nurtured though Shabbat services and discussions.

Spacious Patios At Garden Of Palms

Spacious Patios At Garden Of Palms

Retirement is also a time for renewed learning. We offer continuing health education and transportation to arts and athletic events. Regular excursions take residents to the Grove, LACMA, the library, the Kodak and Pantages theatres, and boutique shopping on Melrose. We also plan nature and restaurant outings, and trips to the beach—nothing can beat the salty smell of sea air and the soft crunchiness of sand underfoot. And since the feel of community and the pleasure of sharing time with loved ones are of paramount importance to us, we encourage families and friends to join us for regularly scheduled special events.

Our caring Jewish retirement community anticipates that need, with health-enhancing programs that cater to each individual resident’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our professional staff monitors and caters to the shifting needs of our residents, so that we are well prepared should more assistance be required. In consultation with families and loved ones, our physicians and health care providers work hard to develop the most informed, compassionate course of action at all times. Should additional support be needed, Cedars Sinai, Olympia, Kaiser Cadillac, Kaiser Sunset, and UCLA hospitals are all just minutes away.

Our uniquely flexible approach makes it possible to create a unique program for every resident, one that provides the necessary care yet allows for maximum freedom. For those requiring special care due to memory loss, our dedicated staff provides constant attention and soothing stimuli within a loving and completely secure environment.

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Enhancing Life

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