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Contact us soon to schedule your personal tour, or even better have lunch on us. We want you to experience all that we do for our residents. A great way to start this process is to join us for a complimentary lunch. You will be given a personal tour of the community, then invited to enjoy a wonderful meal in our resident dining room. You will have the chance to observe, interact, and experience our vibrant community.

Email us or you may also call us directly at (424)-239-5051

We love word games! Can you guess the phrase? 🤔 Our dedicated staff members love playing games with the residents that are great for improving memory and keeping their brains active!
Coloring with the Kiddos There’s nothing like visits from children to keep us young in retirement! Kids and teens from local Jewish schools visit us regularly and always bring a fun activity to do together, like painting, drawing and crafts. They bring so much joy into our community and we look forward to their visits every time!
Bring out your inner artist! Join us for a variety of arts and crafts programs every week such as drawing, jewelry making, painting, watercolor, origami, ceramics, block printing and much more
Ceramic Cupcake Making Getting in touch with our inner artists and painting ceramic pieces with some young ladies from the local high school. Some of these ceramic cupcakes look good enough to eat!
Hanging Out with Bubbie Blowing bubbles and kisses at Bubby, Mommy & Me
Happy Mother's Day! A mother is like a flower, each one is beautiful and unique. We'll be celebrating our great moms with a special Lunch on Mother's Day.
You're never too old for some TLC! Everyone loves a bit of pampering every now and then. We give our residents the opportunity to enjoy nail services in the comfort and convenience of their own home. We do Nail Spa twice a month and we have a podiatrist that comes once a month to see interested residents.
Chag Purim Sameach! Purim is considered one of the happiest and most joyous of occasions. We'll be celebrating with megillah readings, carnival games, costumes, hamentasch, and a performance by fan favorite violinist, Yasha! We encourage friends and family to join us for this exciting 2-day event!
Spring is almost here! March is an exciting month filled with holiday celebration and the emergence of new life. It brings more sunshine and better weather, which means more outdoor outings to enjoy!
February, A Month of Love February is known as a month to celebrate romantic love, but it is also a chance to show our family and other loved ones that we care and cherish them.
The Healing Power of Music At Garden of Palms, we don't underestimate the incredible power of music. Music is imperative to our Gardens program because it evokes feelings and memories from the past. Music therapy leads to better cognitive skills, social skills, and stress reduction in seniors.
We love our bubbies! Join us every Monday for "Bubbie" Mommy and Me. Smiling, playful babies are the perfect way to start our week.
Let's Get Excited about Food! Our new year's resolution is to enjoy our food more. Whether it comes from our kosher certified kitchen or one of the many eateries in the West Hollywood area, we're going to savor every morsel.
Let's Ring in the New Year! As 2018 comes to a close, we want to thank all of our residents, their families, our staff, and everyone who contributes to making our community feel like home. Stay tuned for all of the exciting things we have planned for 2019!
Holiday Season at The Grove The Grove is certainly the place to be in December. The iconic dancing fountain, the intricate decorations and the bustle of holiday excitement can make the atmosphere feel magical. Luckily, we're a short trip away from all the fun.
Happy Holidays! It's December and that means that the holidays are upon us. At Garden of Palms, we're keeping busy with holiday activity and celebration.
Coloring with the City Kids Coloring is an activity that seniors and children can both enjoy. We love to invite the LA City Kids to do Arts & Craft projects with us every month.
Exercising Their Right to Vote Every vote counts! We encourage our residents to vote, whether they're able to do so in person or mail in their ballot. These residents made sure to make their voices heard in this year's midterm election and we're proud to showcase them.
Meet Me at Third and Fairfax Fall is in the air and that means pumpkins, beautiful autumn leaves, and cooler temperatures. Autumn is a great time to visit your local farmer's market to grab a bite and purchase fresh local goodies. What better market than LA's Original Farmers Market?
Who's Up for a Game of Rummikub? We love when the girls from Toras Emes Academy come to visit. Our residents love to chitchat with them over a good game of Rummikub.
You’re Never Too Old for a Birthday We love to celebrate the birthdays of our residents. Whether it's with a song, balloons, or a cake. We hope to remind them of a lifetime of birthday memories.
Makeover Day Everyone likes to feel good about themselves, and a little makeup doesn't hurt to accomplish that goal. Our Gardens staff like to make the residents feel prettier and more confident.
Weekday Outing to The Broad Attending cultural events, from museum exhibits to the opera, helps maintain or increase mental health. Contemporary art museums like the Broad keep our residents up-to-date on the latest trends in the art world.
There's Fun For Everyone We focus on making sure our activities are inclusive and that they pique the interest of both our male and female residents. Whether it's water coloring or watching a good ol' Dodgers game in the theater room, we promise we'll keep you entertained no matter your interests.
Bernice's Artwork Activities are a great way for residents to learn more about each other. While doing arts and crafts, we discovered that Bernice is an amazing artist. Our residents have all lived full lives and picked up a few skills along the way that we encourage them to share.
Mario and Shirley Sharing a Laugh Every last Thursday of the month we have a birthday celebration to celebrate all the residents who had birthdays that month. Mario always knows how to get them chorus singing and foot tapping.
Esther Making Jewelry Did you know that beading and jewelry making can have physical, cognitive, developmental and therapeutic benefits? We do! That's why Juniper hosts a monthly jewelry making class.
Rose Chatting with the City Kids Children are a ball of energy and we love to have them come to Garden of Palms and invigorate and energize our residents. Our residents love to see the world through the eyes of a child.
Jeanette Coloring on Independence Day Coloring has always been an activity for the young and old. We love to revisit this much loved childhood pastime that promotes mindfulness, reduces stress and improves concentration.
Talent Show At Garden of Palms, senior wellness and happiness is the main priority for our staff. They fully contribute to making every event a success. Here's our receptionist, Ingrid, showing off her skills and putting on a show for the residents at our Annual Talent Show. Our residents love a good musical number!
Welcome To Our Little Slice Of Paradise Aloha from Garden of Palms! Break out your Hawaiian shirt and dust off your grass skirt. We partied Hawaiian style and transported our residents and their families to the tropics with hula dancers, leis, fruity drinks, and decorations galore. Keep calm and hula on!
Ruth Looking Vibrant with her Patriotic Flower Crown At Garden of Palms we get our residents in the patriotic spirit by bringing the Independence Day celebrations to them with a delicious BBQ, a rousing concert, 4th of July trivia, and decorations and props for every resident to enjoy.
Izrail Enjoying The Beautiful Ocean View It's summertime and that means it's time to have fun in the sun. The Santa Monica Pier is one of many iconic local hot spots for residents to grab a bite, get some Vitamin D and enjoy the peaceful ocean waves.
Jennie Brown Perusing A Magazine Keeping yourself mentally stimulated has been shown by research studies to slow or possibly prevent Alzheimer's and dementia. That's why we have a book club and expansive library for residents to enjoy at anytime. Book lovers rejoice!
Throwback to Father's Day! We love and appreciate all our fathers, but they're not the only ones who get to have fun on the special day. The ladies of Garden of Palms got to show off their fine motor skills with a lively tie tying competition. Esther is all smiles after completing her tie.
Joan and Sarah Dancing at our Karaoke Birthday Celebration Our staff loves to shake a tail feather with our residents during our weekly concerts. You're never too old to dance like no one's watching!
Rose at Griffith Park Observing the Stars
Let's celebrate!
Phoebe and Trudy During Watercoloring
Resident Conga Line
Yasha From Russia Putting On A Show
Showing off the Jewels
Shirley Simon with City Kids
Joan Inselberg with City Kid
Garden of Palms prepared and served a delicious lunch to 65 guests at a music program at Congregation Shaarei Tefila. Our residents also enjoyed the show!
Smiling and drawing with our friends from City Kids, L.A.
Having fun with the City Kids, L.A.
Going out for a little snack Residents and staff enjoying some time together.
Thank you for visiting! Having a great time! Girls from different parts of the country and Canada from the National Conference of Synagogue Youth spending time with our residents.
Phoebe and Friends! Making picture frames with campers on a Friday afternoon!
City Kids L.A Making a crazy gooey concoction with our little friends… Thank you to “City Kids L.A.” for a great time!
Aric Barab being honored on Israel Independence Day at Shalhevet High School...A true hero
Father’s Day Dessert We had a western theme Father’s Day….Check out these cupcakes! Great job Chef Alex for your creativity.
Spectrum Award Two Years in a Row!
Smiling Faces and look at that detail
Making Challah...check out those braids!
It's time to plant with the residents What beautiful flowers...
Preparing the soil Gardening a favorite activity is
Mothers-Day-Party Mothers' Day celebration.
Mothers Day Smile!
Having a good time at arts & crafts
Feeling good in The Gardens "Hands On" activity in The Gardens....
Concert at The Grove Fun at The Grove!
Jewelry Making Making jewelry and enjoying time together on a Sunday morning...
Our resident Aric Barab being honored on Israel Independence Day at Shalhevet High School...A true hero (Our-resident-Aric-Barab-being-honored-on-Israel-Independence-Day-at-Shalhevet-High-School
Ruth and Phyllis enjoying lunch
Happy Birthday to you
Aric Barab
Aric Barab 2
Residents at the Getty Museum
Garden of Palms (2 of 37)
Garden of Palms (13 of 37)
GOPwebPlanting flowers in The Gardens
Picture of the Day
Miriam Levy on Purim
Miriam Levy on Purim 2
Miriam Levy and her daughter Soraya
Rose Boren on Purim
Shirley, Phoebe and Luz on Purim
Lisa Contract doing Arts & Craft
Phoebe Fleishman doing Arts & Craft
Thelma Morris doing Arts & Craft
Trudy Schachter Concentrating on the Details
Bernice Shandelman During Watercoloring
Lisa Contract doing Watercoloring
Thelma Morris on Outing
Residents on Outing
Merrill Jonas During Drum Circle
Ruth Silberstein During Drum Circle
Fana Spielberg during Drum Circle
Miriam Levy Banging on the Drums
Phoebe and Shirley at Talent Show
Miriam Levy and Sarah dancing at End of Month Birthday Party
Shirley and Rose Take a Stroll
Shirley Playing Table Tennis
Phoebe Playing Table Tennis
Rose Self at the Pier
Ruth Lizer at the Pier
Phoebe and Shirley at the Pier Enjoying a Picnic
Ruth and Shirley with the City Kids
Andrea and Rochelle Dancing
Jeanette's Granddaughter Performing At Talent Show
Rose at Griffith Park
Esther Simon and Jeanette Bran Watercoloring on Independence Day
Esther Simon Watercoloring on Independence Day
Rose Pomerantz at the Luau
Bernice Shandelman at Luau
Fay Shatzkin and Joseph Corn at Luau
Luau Dancers
Luau Dancer 4
Luau Dancer 3
Luau Dancer 2
Luau Dancer
City Kids Play Bingo
Rose Self at Luau
Mina Deutsch with City Kid
Fay Shaztkin with City Kids _x1080
Shirley Simon and Esther Simon Watercoloring_x1080
City Kids Play Bingo_x1080
Rosalie Ojalvo Birthday_x1080
Outdoor Concert with Mario_x1080
Rose Boren and Fay Shatzkin_x1080
Bernice Shandelman Birthday_x1080
Jeanette Bran Birthday_x1080
Miriam Levy Birthday_x1080
City Kids Coloring_x1080
The Broad
Shirley Simon and Fay Shatzkin_x1080
Rochelle Olifson Makeup_x10802
Sarah Berman Makeup_x10802
The Group at the MOCA_x1080
End of Month Birthday Party_x1080
Eugeny and Frecia at Birthday Party_x1080
Shirley at MOCA
Lisa Watercoloring_x10802
Rodel Watercoloring_x10802
Rose Watercoloring_x10802
Miriam and Frecia
Eugeny and Frecia
Frecia and Eugeny
Trudy Schachter Playing Table Tennis_x1080
Thanksgiving with Yasha_x1080
Yasha Thanksgiving 2_x1080
Pomerantz Family Thanksgiving_x1080
Yasha Thanksgiving 4_x1080
miriam_levy_birthday_celebration_x1080 -2
Yula Girls Visit
Yula Girls
Yula Party Upstairs 2_x1080
Yula Party Upstairs 2_2x1080
Yula Party Upstairs _2x1080
Yula Party 3_2x1080
Yasha Thanksgiving 4_2x1080
Trudy Schachter Playing Table Tennis_2x1080
Thanksgiving with Yasha_2x1080
Pomerantz Family Thanksgiving_2x1080
miriam_levy_decorations_2x1080 (1)
Yasha Thanksgiving 2_2x1080
Rose Boren Braiding Challah_x1080
Miriam Levy and Family_x1080
Merrill_Jonas_at_the_Cheesecake_Factory_x1080 (1)
Music Therapist with Joan Inselberg