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How Garden of Palms Provides A Kosher Assisted Living Environment

by Garden of Palms

When it comes to finding the perfect assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, Garden of Palms understands that religion and spirituality often play an important role in your decision. As a leading Jewish senior living community in California, we know that many retirees want to stay connected to their faith as they make the transition to assisted living. That’s why we’ve created the ideal assisted living environment for seniors who wish to celebrate their Jewish heritage and lifestyle throughout the later years of life. With our welcoming, intimate, and cozy atmosphere, combined with home-cooked meals from our certified kosher kitchen, you’ll feel right at home.

How Garden of Palms Provides A Kosher Assisted Living Environment

How We Create A Haimish Environment

A sense of community is crucial during retirement, and our close-knit Jewish community is the perfect place to find like-minded people to connect with. Every detail of the senior living experience at Garden of Palms is designed to evoke the atmosphere of living in a traditional Jewish home, from the sounds of klezmer music to the smells of a Yom Tov meal.

Our kosher menu is filled with tantalizing selections that will bring you back to childhood. You’ll find everything from latkes to cannoli are available, all cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients in our certified kosher kitchen. Most of our meals are low in sodium and our chefs can adapt to any dietary restrictions, whether you’re vegan or gluten-free – and it’s all kosher. Every Friday you’ll find our residents gather to bake challah together, and we celebrate Jewish holidays with plenty of traditional foods as well.

Keeping the mind active is essential, so you’ll find our calendar is filled with a variety of stimulating activities from weekly Judaic discussions to postcard and letter writing. We also keep the body and spirit engaged with yoga, nature walks, and exercises like tai chi, Wii bowling, and chair aerobics. Our residents celebrate Shabbat weekly with rabbinical guidance, and we regularly host students from local Jewish schools.

There’s never a dull moment at Garden of Palms, as we’re located right in the heart of Los Angeles with dozens of notable kosher restaurants, parks, and museums to visit. Along with regular outings to see the surrounding attractions, our residents stay busy with activities like board games, live performances, table tennis, and movie nights.

By integrating Jewish cultural practices, traditions, and beliefs into our senior living community, our residents can continue living a traditional way of life after moving into assisted living, making the transition as comfortable and dignified as possible.

Is Kosher Assisted Living Right for You?

In our small and intimate community, all of our residents receive personalized attention from our compassionate staff. With assisted living, residents have the freedom of living in their own spacious and contemporary apartment while receiving in-depth care. Each resident’s program is customized to allow for the greatest flexibility possible, while still receiving appropriate support.

Along with a variety of engaging activities, assisted living can include services such as housekeeping, transportation, laundry, homemade meals, medication management, and routine medical care. We also offer a comprehensive and holistic wellness program that provides nutritional guidance, in-home nursing, occupational therapy, a personalized exercise program, and more.

Both our independent and assisted living communities allow our residents to access necessary support and spend time connecting with others, while also celebrating Jewish culture and values.  

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Kosher Assisted Living in Los Angeles

If the kosher environment we offer at Garden of Palms sounds right for you or your loved one, we would love to give you a personalized tour and complementary kosher meal. To learn more about our Jewish senior living community,

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