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Life at Garden of Palms, October 2019

by Garden of Palms

We’re continuing to provide our brand of caring, rich, and rewarding senior living in Los Angeles

We’re excited for October. Each month our community’s leadership sets about building the best experience possible for our residents. Our residents and their families continue to tell us that we are making a difference, and that we’re hitting our goal of enriching the lives of seniors, and genuinely building a senior living community that feels like home - because it IS home. That said, we continue pushing to improve the experience for our residents, their families, and our staff. When everyone at our community feels like an extended family, a close knit unit, a charming hamlet, then we know we’re succeeding.

Please take a moment to catch up on what we’re planning for our community this October.

We’re continuing to provide our brand of caring, rich, and rewarding senior living in Los Angeles.

Key program: Religious Services

We are an all inclusive retirement community, and past and present we are home to residents from backgrounds that are highly diverse in culture, religion, and thought. That said, we are a special place for seniors seeking genuine Jewish home accommodations. October itself is a month that contains many Jewish holidays including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah. We make sure to immerse ourselves in each of these holidays and to tastefully enjoy the sense of occasion around each date.


Staff Spotlight - David Ybarra

We place a very large emphasis and building a talented, caring, and intelligent staff. They make our community work, provide amazing support and help to our residents, and they do all the right things to make our community safe, healthy, and happy. We recently brought on a new team member David Ybarra. Our staff becomes as much a part of our extended family as our residents do, and we like to get to know everyone’s personality, tastes, and do everything we can to let them know they’re appreciated and valued.


David is a Los Angeles native who has worked for years in the senior living industry, and we love that he has specific experience in the memory care niche. It is natural that David is attracted to working in senior care, as he was raised by his grandparents, and has a natural intuition and understanding about older adults. This has given David a pronounced admiration, respect, and honor for older adults that perfectly mirrors our values at Garden of Palms. Our community is a better place and our services are more caring than ever with David here. 


Key service: Assisted Living Program

We are an assisted living facility that provides support, care, and help on an individual level to our senior residents. Our person-centered approach gives each resident all they independence they desire and all the support they need. We carefully customize the support for each individual resident based on their unique preferences, needs, and condition. The goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each resident while respecting their space. 

See more about our assisted living program.

Garden of Palms

Assisted living in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

We are hard at work each day knowing that we’re sustaining a living, breathing, thriving community of seniors in a charming location in Los Angeles. All of our residents have a unique story to tell, and we love the richness that each person adds to our community. We genuinely feel blessed to do what we do.


We take our commitment to building the best assisted living community in Los Angeles very seriously, and it’s extremely rewarding when our residents and their families tell us they’re happy they found us.


If you’re exploring assisted living programs in the Hollywood area for a family member, we would love the chance to show what life at Garden of Palms is all about. You can tour our community, meet our staff, and get acquainted to see if we’re what you’re seeking. If you need a bit more information first, we encourage you to speak with our director who can answer all of your questions.


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